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Jantsen – Whomptronica

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Genre: Glitchhop / Midtempo

Peter Broggs – Intro
Prefulse 73 – Nuno
Tipper – Paper Thin Reality
Modeselektor – Hasir
Edit – Disco Like its Hot
Funkstorung – Chopping Heads
Edit – something bells
Sutekh – Rhymes with Slap
Jantsen / David Seied – Original Nuttah remix
Eight frozen Modules – Left Me
Bit Meddler – Japn Rapn
Modeselektor – Black Barbie rmx
Modeselektor – Tizzy Tixbown Riddim
Eight Frozen Modules – Low bite riddim
Modeselektor – Silikon
Son of the Electric Ghost – Sonrise
Edit – Get ur Freak On
Cyne – African elephants – Cuchicca Sangrienta mix
Kraddy – Mos Def rmx
David Seied – New Frontiers
Modeselektor – Dancing Box
Peabird – Party Fuck
The Rip off Artist – Nasty
The Rip off Artist – Fatty
Coburn – We interrupt this program
Si Begg – Turn the Volume Up
Sotegt – Peyote remix
The Disciple Grin – Tempered
Habersham – Follow the White Rabbit
Kilowatts – Learn to love Loneliness

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