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Genre: Midtempo / Glitch Hop

Samples – Bat Country
Nasty Nasty – Doctor
Jonny Faith – Faze Two
MIRAJA – Daydreams
Parvata – Blue City
Knowa Knowone – Fire On The Roof
Mr. Sleepz – Shock Absorber
Soulmusik – Space Cowboys
MIRAJA – Yidaki Feat Aaron
Future Simple Project – 13 Drops
Doshy – Lazor Blaster fet Unik
Freddy Todd – Crunch Pleazer
MC2 – Slicing
DCarls – All in
Robotic Pirate Monkey – Joleen
Franky Fresco – Double F
Frenic – Punish Me
Doshy – Redworm
MIRAJA – In Da Jungle Again

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