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Desert Dwellers has its roots in the Southern California dance collective known as Moontribe, famous in the electronic underground for organizing tribal dance rituals at magical locations deep within the vast desert expanses of Southern California and New Mexico. Initially a collaboration in the late 1990’s between electronic music pioneers Amani Friend & Treavor Moontribe (aka Amani vs Teapot), Desert Dwellers grew to incorporate Six Degrees recording artist Rara Avis in 2005 during the creation of the DownTemple Dub Series on White Swan Records. The trio has also collaborated heavily over the years with an amazingly talented array of artists. Craig Kohland (Shaman’s Dream) has been supporting the band for years as a producer and guest percussionist. Sarah West and Meagan Chandler are often featured vocalists on their albums, and they have at times been joined in the studio by Sattva Ananda, Jonathan Grossman, Michael Kott, Ricardin, and many others.


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