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Buddha Bomb

Buddha Bomb has devoted the greatest part of his life to elevating consciousness and using music as a transformational conduit to bring healing and joy to thousands. His sets are inspired, seamless and often mystical. A Sonic Shaman he provides the fuel for the dance journey, which can bring you to your deepest depth and your highest height. Whether spinning Ambient, Psytrance, IDM, Old School or his own compositions Buddha Bomb gives it his all. Buddha is formless wherein all possibilities have space to occur. Bomb is Form – action,  motion, heat, and beats. Buddha Bomb takes you there.


Buddha Bomb was born in our Solar System on the planet Neptune. Meanwhile, at the same time on Earth, it was the 22nd day of February. Friday afternoon. Quarter past 5. Just in time for Happy Hour.

Buddha Bomb was born a Pisces in the Year of the Water Dragon. A direct descendant of the great god Neptune, Buddha Bomb left that planet for Worldly pursuits. Buddha Bomb quickly became disillusioned with our World.  Earth was good, although a little flat. Something was missing and Buddha Bomb was determined to find it.

Early in life, at the tender age of 8 Earth years, Buddha Bomb questioned authority, asking if God existed or not.  After being told that God doesn’t want him to think such things, Buddha Bomb reasoned thusly: If there is no God, then there is no Supreme Being to prevent Buddha Bomb’s thinking process. Or, if there is a Supreme Being, Creator of the entire Universe, then He must be a Big enough God to allow Buddha Bomb such thoughts. In both cases, Buddha Bomb opened up.

Two years later, Buddha Bomb made the Universe disappear. Having seen his reflection in the Vast Expanse of Nothingness, the Universe arose again. His journey continued inward, and deeper. Living the life of an American Hippie, Buddha Bomb experienced just about everything Imaginable, and many things Unimaginable.
Buddha Bomb traded long hair and a beard for Buddhist teachings and a meditation cushion. After meditating in Holy places for many years, his heart and mind were open. Buddha Bomb heard Techno Music with the power to transform consciousness. Buddha Bomb’s calling became louder.

Did Buddha Bomb find what was missing on planet Earth?

Listen to Buddha Bomb spin Psytrance, Chill, Ambient, IDM, Old School, and  other forms of Electronic Music. Whether on the Radio or playing in front of a Live Audience, Buddha Bomb gives it his All – ALL for your listening pleasure, that is!

One last thing. Why the name Buddha Bomb?

Buddha is Formless, representing space, allowing all possibilities to occur.
Bomb is Form, action, motion, spice, heat, texture, the beats.
Chill Music is the Buddha…Sizzling Psytrance the Bomb.
One does not Exist without the other.

PS: Eventually his Journey will bring Buddha Bomb back to Neptune. No worries, he is always with us in the HEAR and NOW!

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