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Deja is a DJ/Musician, based out of Albuquerque New Mexico. He is well known locally for pushing the sounds bass music into the future, and keeping true to his underground roots. His style is well defined by broken beat, bass heavy music, and a special connection with audiences. Deja focuses energy on super clean, techy mixes, while keeping equal attention focussed on programing/vibe. He drives to take audiences on a musical journey. Tearing through various styles of dark, deep, heavy, vocal, rasta, glitch, and progressive toonage . Deja is also a promoter and sound technician. In 2006 he launched Digital Desert productions, with the intentions to bring people together under the common bond of bomb music. Since than DDP has become a household name in the NM dance seen, the company has continued to consistently pull off some most memorable events in recent history. Deja has performed along side such acts as Reid Speed, DJ Icey, Justin Long, Mike Balance, Joe Nice, Dcode, Keith Mckenzie, and the list goes on.

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