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Caleb Young a.k.a. sAuce was born and raised in Northwest Montana. Being an artist most of his life with an unconditional love for underground hip-hop and experimental electronica, Caleb fluidly dove headfirst into the electronic music scene at a young age. After experiencing the art and culture flourishing on the west coast in early 2007, Caleb picked up his first set of turntables, and sAuce was born.

In early 2009 sAuce started producing his own music. Now, after almost three years of hard work, he has taken his art to a new level. His dynamic compositions immerse listeners in a dream-like state, setting tones that are dark, reminiscent and thoughtful. Not secluding himself to one specific genre, he has a vast array of sound waves, from his crunchy, hip-hop influenced beats to his futuristic hazy spaces populated by the glints and glitches of the world outside. sAuce’s music is much more than banger after banger, there is a story and a plot to it all, it’s a visceral journey through love, inspiration and meditation. Each sound has been refined and precisely engineered to strike at an emotional level, sometimes confident, wondrous, or angry and those emotions are stretched, maintained and manipulated by drums that are methodical yet adventurous at the same time.

His multi-dimensional live sets and magnetic energy rewards crowds, tempting them with an ever so seductive, playful bounce they deeply desire. With a purposeful rhythm, sAuce’s dream-like sound is manipulated by a lucid dreamer, ready to explore, but taking a moment to reflect before the next step. Recently releasing his debut E.P. “Candy Painted Frequencies” via GruntWorthy in May 2011 and with an upcoming album release through his bandcamp, sAuce is an artist to keep your eyes and ears on in 2012 as he has already begun to make his mark on the West Coast Future Bass Movement.


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