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Stefan B

Born in Germany and of Polish descent, StefanB. has been apart of Colorado’s music scene for over 15 years and currently resides in Denver. Stefan’s musical interests vary from time, to place, and even to the people he is surrounded by.

Family Moons was there at the beginning of Stefan’s musical endeavors which taught him the importance of community and how to throw a proper gathering.

Such influences also paved the way to a variety of musical tastes, anywhere from electroclash to psy-trance, breaks to dubstep, and to the love of house and techno. Stefan’s most recent evolution has led him to a more minimal sound.

The common tie, no matter the genre, is the influence of bass and catering towards sound system culture.

A late night connoisseur, Stefan has cultivated an after hours presence, his sound has developed and grew with collectives including; Basscouch, Kats in Space and his very own Sleazy Beaches.

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