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Used EAW KF750 - $1200 each obo ($2400 per pair)
We have 4 matching cabinets available

These are working full-range, three-way speakers and they sound great!

The KF750 3-way tri-amplified full range system contains several EAW technologies that make it a powerful concert touring sound reinforcement tool. Its Acoustic Singularity design aligns the three sub-systems along a single axis so that the KF750 acts as a true point source. This greatly reduces temporal smearing of transient events and improves overall clarity and impact.Since the large mid frequency horn contains both the high and low frequency sub-systems.

DOWNLOAD KF750 manual - pdf

Technical Specifications

Used dbx DriveRack 4800 - $2000 obo (1 available)


The new flagship of the tremendously successful DriveRack family provides incredible versatility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for performance applications. With four inputs and eight outputs, flexible signal routing and an optional CobraNet card, the DriveRack 4800 offers amazing flexibility. The Ethernet-HiQnet control backbone takes the 4800 to the next level allowing easy integration into larger control networks. Digital I/O and 96kHz operation provides extended frequency response and ultra-low latency. Processing features include selectable DSP inserts on both the inputs and the outputs, in addition to the wealth of EQ, Delay, Band Pass and Crossover filters, all designed to maximize system performance. The DriveRack 4800 provides a full color screen to speed manual operation and decrease eye fatigue; this combined with the ergonomically designed front panel make the navigation incredibly intuitive. From control to processing, the DriveRack 4800 is everything you want in a system Processor.

dbx DriveRack 4800 Features:

  • 4-input, 8-output system controller
  • Flexible signal routing
  • Ethernet-HiQnet for networked control
  • 96kHz operation
  • DSP inserts on both inputs and outputs
  • Onboard EQ, delay, band-pass, and crossover filters
  • Full color screen
  • Easy front-panel navigation
DOWNLOAD 4800 manual - pdf

Technical Specifications

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